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Introducing Creekview Assessment Center

Updated: Dec 22, 2022


We are proud to announce Creekview Assessment Center as one of the newest psychological testing evaluation centers in the state of Delaware. Located in Newark, DE, we are conveniently a part of the Omega Professional Center off of Route 4, across from Christiana Hospital.

Creekview Assessment Center is a team of clinical psychologists who specialize in developmental, educational, and neuropsychology. Our passion is providing our patients and their families with high quality, comprehensive, and helpful psychological testing evaluations.

A psychological testing evaluation (also referred to as a psychological assessment) is when a psychologist uses specially designed tests to understand the way that your brain processes information and to evaluate your behavioral and mental health. The psychologist uses the data to identify an appropriate diagnosis and make recommendations about effective treatment options. At Creekview, we have an deep appreciation for neurodiversity; while medical diagnosis is a useful part of evaluation, we also do testing for individuals who just want to learn more about their unique strengths and challenges with information processing and how this may interact with their mental health experiences.

There are many reasons that you may find yourself seeking a psychological evaluation. Whether you were referred by a doctor or therapist, need an evaluation for a specific purpose, or are simple curious to learn more about yourself, we welcome you!

With a Creekview evaluation, you can confidently expect the following:

1) Our psychologists have a primary goal of helping you better understand your strengths and areas of growth in cognition, learning, memory, attention, language, communication, socialization, executive functioning, mental health, emotional, behavioral, and/or daily living skills.

2) We always carefully review your data to inform a diagnosis, when applicable.

3) At the conclusion of testing, you will receive individualized recommendations for improving your symptom management and life satisfaction. Our recommendations always account for self-improvement or treatment interventions that you can try, and also ways that your environment could be changed to better match your unique processing profile.

Our team is ready to help you meet your goals. Visit our Contact page for information on how to become a new patient with us today.

We look forward to meeting you!


The Team and Creekview Assessment Center

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