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Abstract Painting


Abstract Painting

Our Mission

Founded in 2019, Creekview Psychological Assessment Center, PA was designed to bring a team of neurodevelopmental and learning specialists to our community and increase access to psychological testing services. We focus on providing comprehensive psychological testing evaluations for neurodevelopmental diagnoses, particular autism, ADHD, learning disorders, language disorders like dyslexia, and more. Over time, we have expended our services to include therapy and group interventions that allow us to bring our expertise to treatment as well as evaluation. Our team strives to use cutting edge technology, telehealth options, and virtual assessment tools to reach families in need across the state.


Creekview team members are selected for their advanced training backgrounds in specialty areas of psychology. We pride ourselves on using up-to-date and research supported methods for accurate assessment and targeted treatment while taking great care to appreciate each of our client's diverse identity, background, and experiences. 

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