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Welcome to Creekview!

We are a team of clinical psychologists who specialize in evaluations for autism, ADHD, learning disorders like dyslexia, intellectual and developmental delays, auditory processing/language processing, and other functional disabilities.


Our goal is to help you understand your strengths and challenges related to processing and how mental and behavioral health symptoms are playing a role in your experiences.


Through the testing process, we design a personalized treatment plan based on your data with suggestions for how you can get to the root of your challenges and reach your goals. We also offer therapy services to help you get there.


Creekview Assessment Center is a small private group practice of clinical, school, and neuropsychologists. We provide specialized psychological testing including, autism diagnostics, psychoeducational (learning) evaluations, neuropsychological assessments, and functional disability evaluations. 

Founded in 2019, our motivation to develop Creekview was born from the realization that citizens of Delaware have relatively few options for accessing this needed specialty care compared to neighboring states. Creekview team members are selected for their advanced training backgrounds in specialty areas of psychology. Our team strives to use cutting edge technology, telehealth options, and virtual assessment tools to reach families in need across the state.

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