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Therapy Services

All therapy options listed below are subject to availability of the clinician who specializes in that area at the time of your inquiry. Services are available in Spanish and English. 

To ask about becoming a new patient, complete our new patient inquiry form for therapy at the link below. 

Individual Therapy 

Individual therapy is an option for children and adults. Our psychologists provide evidence-informed care that is personalized to your unique needs and therapy goals. 

Areas of speciality include: 

  • Stress management 

  • Anxiety 

  • OCD 

  • Depression 

  • Chronic pain and illness

  • Trauma 

  • ADHD

  • Executive functioning 

  • Childhood behavior problems

  • Multicultural experience

  • Social justice

  • LGBTQA+ affirming care

Family and Parenting Therapy

Family and parenting therapy is recommended for families with children of any age who are looking to make some changes in family dynamics or relationships, fine tune their parenting approaches, and better support their child's mental and behavioral health treatment. 

Areas of speciality include: 

  • Autism and ADHD: helping parents learn how to parent their unique children

  • Childhood anxiety

  • Emotional concerns 

  • Oppositional and defiant behavior

  • Attachment theory

  • Parenting

Therapy Rates

Creekview is not contracted with any  medical health insurance companies at this time. 

Therapy Intake     $125.00  -  $225.00

Individual Therapy Sessions       $90.00  -  $200.00  

Family Therapy Sessions      $125.00  -  $250.00 

Rates for therapy depend on the provider, as well as the type and nature of the therapy.

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